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Updated Project Page 8/16/99

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Lamination Begins Today!!
Check out the Project Page for updates!
Prime Time Views:
Friday, August 20th, 1999 (begins 7:00pm EST)
Saturday, August 21st, 1999 (all day)
Watch us saturate the interior with a layer of epoxy resin!

The Web Cam

Kodak DC200 Plus

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Welcome to the Dayson Boat Building Web site!  For my first project, I've decided to build a 14' flat skiff (power boat).  Using a Kodak DC200 Plus, you will see each step of the project as it happens!  This camera runs 24 hours.  If I'm not working on the boat, you can catch me living my life around the house.

What you'll see

As mentioned above, you can always peek through the Web cam 24 hours a day.  But you can't read a whole book if you only look at the first page!  So I've also included some general information about boat building as well as information about the design of the skiff.

You will also be able to track the progress of the project and my building costs along with other expenses incurred along the way.  I've tried to remain as detailed as possible in these sections.

I have provided a FREE membership area so that you can enjoy the benefits of live chat, discussions, and weekly newsletters.  I've even included a FREE web-based e-mail option for members who want the weekly newsletters, but would rather not receive them in their usual inboxes.

Finally, I have tried to provide links to every resource I have used for this project including designers, suppliers and even other boat builders.  Of course, you can always use the contact section if you would like to add a link or comment to the Web site.

What you won't see

In order to protect the rights of the designers, I will refrain from giving details such as measurents or pattern sizes that are specific to the design.  Any plans, patterns or kits can be obtained from the designers through the provided links.

In addition, please respect royalty rights as described in the copyright permission notice at the bottom of this page.  Note that permission to use TEXT ONLY from this Web site is granted, provided that the listed conditions are met as required.  However, please note that the design, layout, logos, graphics, sounds and images may NOT be copied or retransmitted unless expressly permitted by Christopher Day or Copyright Clearance Center.

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